Strength, agility and commitment

What we offer

Outreach Housing Association is driven by a passionate belief in the idea that everyone has
the right to high-quality, safe and green, affordable housing. That belief motivates everything
we do. We take social housing personally, and that personal commitment shines through in
everything we do.

A strong and active board

Our board of directors has decades of combined experience in social housing, charitable work and regeneration, and especially in working with communities and local authorities. We not only have the knowhow, but are also passionate about what we do, which means we are approachable and will always pick up the phone to speak to potential partners.

Ambition and agility

Outreach Housing Association is smaller than most of our competitors, but we more than make up for that in agility and a willingness to adapt. At a time when new homes are so desperately needed, we will not be held back by an attachment to the old ways of doing things, but will embrace opportunities to fill gaps in the market and make a difference.

A commitment to social housing

For us, the ‘social’ in ‘social housing’ is not just professional jargon. We are committed to working for the betterment of society as a whole by providing quality rental housing for those who would not otherwise have access to it. And we will always treat our tenants with respect and give them the dignity they deserve.

A commitment to the environment

Outreach Housing Association believes in green construction and sustainable housing, from the inception of a project throughout the life of the homes we build. Our goal is both to minimise our contribution to climate change and to provide green spaces and liveable communities for our tenants.

Good governance

We understand the importance of good governance and compliance with all relevant standards and regulations at every stage of a building project. We also have the expertise to keep up with changing requirements and match best practice in the industry, and are committed to doing so.

Proactive management

We take a hands-on approach to property management, and always seek an open and productive relationship with our partners, tenants and all other stakeholders. Our tenants can come to us with problems and expect us to deal with any issues in a timely manner. We are also proactive in terms of planned maintenance and major works, and committed to clear and
regular communication with everyone concerned.

We Are Always Happy To Chat.

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