Welcome to outreach Housing Association

Providing low-income families with safe, green spaces they can call their own.

Outreach Housing Association exists because we believe everyone has the right to high-quality, safe and green, affordable housing.

England today suffers from a chronic shortage of housing – especially housing for rent to serve low-income families for whom home ownership is not a realistic prospect. 

Our mission is to play a part in closing this gap in the market by working with local authorities to build thousands of new homes for rent at affordable prices across London and the South East. 

We have the expertise to see building projects through from inception to completion, and to act as a responsible and proactive social landlord once tenants have moved into their new homes. In partnership with government and local authorities, we identify suitable sites for building, buy the land and design and build homes. We then manage the properties, taking responsibility for maintenance, repairs and services for residents. 

There is a housing crisis, but the solution is simple. Outreach Housing Association has the expertise and the ‘can do’ attitude necessary to provide a new generation of homes at affordable rents. The future is bright.


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